Drinks that help in losing weight

I usually drink green tea and matcha  in the morning. They have a lot of benefits, one of them is  metabolism boosting. They are also perfect for skin therefore I always apply it on my face.

Here are my other tips for weight loss:

20 minutes before meal drink a glass of freshly squeezed lemon and grapefruit juice mixed with one glass of water, ginger, chilli  and tsp of apple vinegar.

Drink a glass of red wine after dinner.

Before sleep drink one tsp of organic olive oil and garlic juice in a glass of warm water.

Drink one cup of corn silk tea during the day and don’t forget to drink water; for those who want to lose weight 3,5-4 litres! Have a bottle of water always with you. You can flavour it with citrus, ginger, mint, chilli!

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Weight Loss Vision Board

Vision Board is one of the most powerful Visualization tool.  When your Goal is to look better, to be slim and fit making a Vision Board consisting of Images of your best Look or of the Person who in your opinion looks good, of positive Affirmations and Words that describe the Ideal you want to achieve is something what must go together with changing your eating Habits. The Vison Board shows how you want to look in the future, it reminds you where are you going and how your ideal I looks like. It helps you stayed focused and motivated.

I am 42, my Height is 170cm, my Weight is 114,64 lbs(52kg), measurements 80x60x85. I hope this Vision Board with my Pictures will motivate and uplift you. Please feel free to share your Vision Board with me.

I can help you lose Weight with my Online Weight Loss Coaching Program and  I can teach you how to develop healthy Eating Habits, how to have more Energy, how to say good-bye to Body Anxieties. You will get a Personalized Meal and Fitness plan according to your Health Condition, Age, Life Style, Body Type.

If your  goal for 2018. is to lose Weight I am offering you my Online Coaching Program at 40% reduced Price. Hurry up, this Offer lasts until Februar 5th Midnight CET:

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One Year Group Coaching 400$, Individual 2200$.

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Salad- Carrot, Black Spanish Radish and Apple


1 Carrot

1 Black Spanish Radish

1 Apple

a few dried Apricots and Figs



Organic Olive Oil


Blend the vegetables and add chopped Walnuts, Apricots, Figs,  Olive Oil and Cinnamon.

Grab a book and enjoy your Day!26696760_10155965783006506_189788820_n.jpg

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Smile more

As a part of my morning routine I read my Pinterest’s Boards. You can follow me Tanya Dimitrijevic and follow my Boards: Positive Affirmations, Motivational Qoutes, Visualisation Board, Vision Boarding, Happy Relationships, Gratitude Qutes, Motivational, Spiritual to get inspiration for every day. 🌞🌸🌹🍀

I also post motivational posts on other social media and I enjoy to read posts  that other people post on their profiles. If you are one of the people who post motivational posts and I do not follow you please let me know.

What is your morning routine, how do you motivate yourself and what are your favourite motivational qoutes?


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Opet zimnica-zeleni paradajz i karfiol bez konzervansa

Opet se ja u pauzi između putovanja, projekata i drugih poslova bavim i zimnicom i evo završih nešto pre ponoći. Nijedan dan bez crte!😉😂

Prokuva se 1l vode sa  otprilike 400ml alkoholnog sirćeta i nekih pet kašika himalajske soli i listom lovora. Himalajsku so koristim u ishrani pa je stavljam i u zimnicu. U tegle prethodno isprane proključalom vodom se stavi malo bijele slačice, mirođije i karanfilića i ređa dobro očišćeno povrće. Zalije se ohlađenom vodom sa sirćetom.20171108_232955

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Kornišoni bez konzervansa

Petak uveče je idealno vreme za pripremu zimnice.

Kornišone operite i ostavite da se osuše. Prelijete ih proključalom vodom. Tegle takođe prelijte proključalom vodom i u njih stavite lovorov list, mirođiju, karanfilić, i belu slačicu.

Prokuvajte 2 litra vode sa kašikom soli i malo šećera. Kad voda proključa dodajte 1 l sirćeta. Količinu vode i sirćeta možete promeniti zavisno od količine kornišona ali omer voda:sirće je uvek 2:1. Kad se voda ohladi prelijte ovom mešavinom krastavce i zatvorite tegle. Čuvajte na hladnom i tamnom mestu.

Posle tražite idealnu poziciju za slikanje i odustanite i iskoristite Lejaut.

Sledeći su zeleni paradajz i karfiol. Čitaćete u nekoj sledećoj objavi. 23201702_10155789014201506_1821348517_n.jpg



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Happy birthday Nick Cave

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