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Easy made breakfast with bananas, frühstückbrei and kefir when you are in hurry

I know it’s Monday and you may be in hurry but this breakfast is easy to made anywhere. Just shake ( I use my Nescafe shaker although I avoid their coffee 😜) two ripe bananas, two spoons of flax seeds, … Continue reading

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Salad- Carrot, Black Spanish Radish and Apple

Ingredients: 1 Carrot 1 Black Spanish Radish 1 Apple a few dried Apricots and Figs Walnuts Cinnamon Organic Olive Oil   Blend the vegetables and add chopped Walnuts, Apricots, Figs,  Olive Oil and Cinnamon. Grab a book and enjoy your … Continue reading

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Opet zimnica-zeleni paradajz i karfiol bez konzervansa

Opet se ja u pauzi između putovanja, projekata i drugih poslova bavim i zimnicom i evo završih nešto pre ponoći. Nijedan dan bez crte!😉😂 Prokuva se 1l vode sa  otprilike 400ml alkoholnog sirćeta i nekih pet kašika himalajske soli i … Continue reading

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Reibekuchen (German Potato Pancake, Hash Browns)

Ingredients: approximately 500 g Potatoes 2 Shallots Flour   Himalayan Salt Coconut Oil Peel and rinse the Potato. Finely grate Potato and Shallots. Squeeze excess Moisture from the Mixture. Add Flour and Salt. Form small ” Reibekuchen” and fry it … Continue reading

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Homemade bread

I love the smell of fresh -baked homemade bread. What is great in making bread and in cooking at all is the creativity. A new ingredient could be added every time. Ingredients: Non gluten Bread Mix Whole Wheat Flour DM … Continue reading

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